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Before Juliet Fanart: Random girl and Marc by RavenInAGoldenCage Before Juliet Fanart: Random girl and Marc by RavenInAGoldenCage
This is an fanart for the awesome :iconta-moe: and her online manga 'Before Juliet'. Go and read it (if you like Boys Love).…

The character Marc is by Ta-moe.
and because he obviously needs a girlfriend, I drew him one. She's totally not a Mary Sue!

*sign* No, well... The female is actually me! Yes! ok ... maybe 120% beautified but still me XD
I joked around that I really like the character Marc and that I want him to be my gay BFF. And Ta-moe was like 'yes, sure ;)'. 
So I drew this (more as a joke again) to prove my incredible friendship to a fictional character. YES!

I personally was a bit surprised (and irritated) at the outburst in the comment section, when the girlfriend was introduced in 'Before Juliet' ... people didn't like her. Well, no, worse, they hated her o.O And I just thought 'She has barely said anything, her character was not able to surface, how can people hate her sooo much?' *sign* I overall hate of female characters in BLs... I just don't get it....

Now to the picture...
I totally didn't cut off things I didn't want to draw ... ehm ... that's so artsy and stuff this way, yeah. ;)
I wasn't able to edit it on my computer, so it's 100% how Ta-moe scanned it in (cause also my scanner doesn't work, not just my computer <.<)

I love your manga Ta-moe! Keep up the good work. (And rest assured that there's at least one *silent* fan of your female characters =D Silent cause I don't want all the hate of the fangirls...)

Lots of love,
the official BFF of Marc ;)
Ta-moe Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I love how Marc's nails are pink, looks as if he's wearing nailpolisch which he totally would :D
and you are so cute!
RavenInAGoldenCage Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks. Yeah. Pink nailpolish is the best XD
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May 10, 2015
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